A New Ministry in OKC

One of the greatest ways God has shown his faithfulness to us, as well as his commitment to our growth as leaders has been the partnerships and connections we have in our work with the Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMAA). Here are a few of the life-changing and ministry-shaping partnerships we have been part…


Rebuilding the Walls

It was in the fall of 2015 that I attended a youth group reunion at my home church, Temple Baptist in Little Rock, Arkansas. I hadn’t actually been to the church for several years, and though I knew it had lost some members, I didn’t know how many or how serious the decline of the…


Rivers of Blessing

It doesn’t seem possible that the Rivers of Blessing riverboat, the M.S. Arrington, was built over ten years ago. Bolivian Pastor and Missionary David Flores and International Missions Director Phil Knott began the dream of a way to reach the unreached people who live along the great Mamore River, which is a part of the…


BMA Family of Ministries

To help fulfill the Great Commission, the people of the BMA have created a Family of Ministries. Each has a unique directive, but all have the same Great Commission purpose. To learn more about the BMA of America and its ministries visit www.bmaamerica.org.
Moral Action
Minister’s Resources Services
BMA Foundation