By: Trevor Dodson, Tennessee

Recently, a string of events happened in our neighborhood that would leave many thinking that Memphis, Nutbush in particular, isn’t worth the time or effort to try and make a difference in our city.

In Genesis 3 a drastic change took place. This change was instant in that sin suddenly marred who we were before Christ. The repercussion from this sin and subsequent fall are still abundantly visible today.

In the beginning, God laid a huge responsibility on man, one that he failed to uphold. Due to his passivity, his lack of leadership, and his ability to see his responsibilities to their end, we now bear the weight of these same sin issues. While assessing the events of Genesis 3, I began to see a few common characteristics. First, there was sin/brokenness. Second, a male was responsible, and third, discipleship/mentorship or lack thereof. You see, changing the world doesn’t happen overnight; it is a gradual process that may take years, maybe even decades. Planting churches all over the world and gathering large groups of people together to worship Christ is beautiful and mandatory, but changing the world happens one individual at a time. Until we are able to dedicate ample time and effort into raising up men to be Christ followers, husbands, and fathers who pursue biblical manhood, we will always be overlooking the proverbial stab wound by applying the healing power of a Band-Aid.

Men, our own sin issues are the problem. Overlooking our problems to fix others keeps real change in jeopardy. Church planting is a great start, but we can all take the initiative to lay our sin at the feet of Christ and disciple other men to do the same. The real hope for America is Christ. Let us rise to the occasion and change the world one man at a time.