By: Mike Goodwin, EIM

Since April of 1998, Evangelistic International Ministries (EIM) has had one purpose: to take the gospel around the world. Over the past eighteen years, God has allowed us to place the footprint of the gospel in twenty-eight countries. Almost all of these countries have had people groups who are not only unreached, but also unengaged with the gospel. Over those same eighteen years, we have seen many changes globally. As technology has improved and become more easily accessible, the world has become remarkably smaller. Although there is still extreme poverty, disease, and hunger, the world is changing; and as the world changes, ministry changes as well.  
EIM continues to ship our Shepherd Bags ™ (gift bags of useful items given to needy children) around the world, using it as a means to share the gospel. In the past ten years, we have shipped 267,048 Shepherd Bags ™ to six different countries. We have fed over 250,000 children through our feeding programs and have fed over 10,000 people through relief work in five different countries. All of these efforts have one united purpose: that the footprint of the gospel would continue around the world. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been eternally changed due to these two efforts alone. From the beginning of our ministry, our prayer has been for God to place us in the unharvested fields. From Pakistan to Peru, EIM has been faithful to preach the gospel. 
Since we are not heavily involved in church planting or building construction, our assignment has involved assisting, as well as teaching, national pastors and church planters in personal and mass evangelism. Just this year, I traveled to Tanzania to help in planting a new church outside of the city of Shinyanga. I had the privilege of working with two national pastors in this rural village located in Northern Tanzania. Brother Roger Dunlap and I each led a team from hut to hut, sharing the story of the gospel. Each evening, we showed the Jesus film to over 800 people and continued to share the gospel. We saw many come to faith in Christ through personal and mass evangelism. We left Tanzania feeling very encouraged, because we left these new believers in good hands. You see, just two days after we left on our journey home, the two national pastors began meeting in small groups and teaching the Word of God. We left knowing that disciples were going to be produced and the gospel was going to spread.  
Additionally, for the past two years, EIM has been leading teams three times each year to teach and train twenty-two national pastors in Tanzania. We have enlisted pastors and college professors from the States to help in this effort. Most of the Tanzanian pastors are now ready to begin the process of planting new churches. They are equipped to make disciples. EIM knew it was time to support these men in evangelizing their people groups. Over the next couple of years, we will be traveling back to these areas of Tanzania and checking on their progress. We will be able to encourage and assist them in continued evangelism.  
In a global population of 7.2 billion people, of which most are lost, EIM feels a deep sense of urgency in reaching those who are in darkness and in need of the light of Christ. Isaiah 5:14 tells us, “Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure.” It overwhelms me to think of how large hell must be to hold today’s population of lost souls, let alone all of those who have already gone there since the fall of man. We realize that we cannot reach all of the lost in a population of 7.2 billion people, but we can reach one at a time. In turn, we can help them to reach one at a time and so fulfill God’s mandate to us to stop hell from enlarging.