What is mission:world Magazine?

mission:world is The Great Commission Magazine of BMA America. It has two purposes: information and inspiration. We’re committed to communicating the missions experience and motivating readers to pray, give, and go.

The name mission:world, reflects a conviction that the One, True God – Creator and Sustainer of all things – is the very center of our missions universe! mission:world is primarily about our desire to have a God-centered approach to everything connected to our global missions program. mission:world is reflective of the Baptist Missionary Association of America’s purpose for our missions program, and it establishes the parameters for that impact: the world.

mission:world symbolizes the unifying vision, integration, fruitfulness, and stewardship of BMA America. It is a visible example of a unifying vision as it demonstrates that the four major departments, along with the three agencies, of BMA America can envision and execute a plan where all departments work together. The unifying vision of our departments is as follows: The departments of our association exist to assist our churches in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Baptist Missionary Association of America

The churches of the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) of America embrace the call of God by sharing resources and joining hearts. The churches of the BMA come together for this one purpose: to make disciples of every nation!

To help fulfill the Great Commission, the people of the BMA have created a family of ministries. Each has a unique directive, but all have the same Great Commission purpose. You can learn more about the BMA Family of Ministries at www.bmaamerica.org.